November 20, 2018 was not supposed to be a special day. It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I had my Bio final that afternoon. It was a group project presentation (gag me), and it was the most brutal final ever. Not that it was hard – it was just an all-around awful experience.

I drove down to the coffee shop my boyfriend was working at immediately after. This was typical. The whole 6 months I spent going to DU, I became a regular at this library café. It was not close to campus, so I passed the time by calling my mom. Here’s the abridged version of that conversation:

“Mom, I hated it. This semester sucked. I honestly do not want to go back. I wish I could just move back home and finish college in Fort Collins. But I don’t want to move without Mike.”

“Well, I wish you could both move up here. It’d probably be easier if you guys just got married already.”

As much as she meant what she said, she was joking. But she gave me the most brilliant idea.

I basically ran into the library. I had to know how he felt. I had to know what he thought. I had to talk to Mike about this.

You see, Mike and I had been talking about getting married for six months already. We’d already worked it out to where I could probably graduate the following summer and we could get married and move to Fort Collins. I knew he was looking for a ring. We wanted this. I just wasn’t sure how he’d feel about me moving up our hypothetical wedding date.

I cannot believe how cool with it he was.

Looking back at this moment, I think God was stirring this idea in both of our hearts. Neither one of us were satisfied. We both wanted to be living more authentically, more dedicated to our visions and dreams of our future. We realized there wasn’t much more we could do unless we were married. We were not made to live alone anymore – it was time for the two of us to enter in to this anointed covenant.

There we were, in a quiet library on a cold November afternoon, casually discussing the most important decision of our lives.

It was a lot of:

“Well how do you feel about _________?” and

“What do you think about ___________?” and

“Are you okay with __________?” and finally:

“Are you sure?”

It was a discussion. It was a conversation. It was not a proposition.

Don’t get me wrong. Proposals are beautiful. And don’t worry, I got one later. And it was an incredibly magical moment I will treasure forever. But first and foremost, we entered in to this covenant on equally uncertain footing, figuring it out together. And to me, that’s even more beautiful. That’s what Mike and I do. We figure it out. That’s us.

November 20, 2018 was not supposed to be remarkable. I always told Mike that I wanted to be surprised. And boy was I. I had no idea that would end up being one of the most special days of my life. I had no idea that was the day I’d get engaged.

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